Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Review (Shatter Me #1)

ImageYet again I find myself completely stunned by the way we as humans write, and create these vivid worlds and characters that suck other people into their stories and emotions. This book is just another example as to why I love reading and why I will always love reading. After reading this I remembered why I wanted to write a book one day and see other people enjoying my story as much as I have enjoyed these books that I review on this website.
I do include spoilers in my review as I mention countless times but if you want to know what this book is about here is a little summary. There is a girl called Juliette and she has a type of power. Nobody can touch her without being killed. She hasn’t experienced the warmth of her mother or father’s touch nor anybody else’s. She lives in isolation. Now the Reestablishment want to use her as their weapon and they keep her locked inside a room where she meets the one guy who she might have a future with.
If that isn’t enough to get you interested immediately then I dunno what will ๐Ÿ˜› This is an absolutely stunning piece of literature and I can’t even explain how much I enjoyed it. I wizzed through it so quickly. Whenever I had spare time I’d be sitting in a corner with this book just reading, sucked into the world with Kenji and Juliette and Adam.
Juliette – I find myself rarely liking the main female voice in these types of books, often either finding them pathetic, or obnoxious, or too involved in themselves and the guys their involved with. This is not the case for her. I find her to be quite similar to my own character and I respect her in a way that I don’t normally do to other female characters. She is strong and Tahereh Mafi allows us to gain insight to her real thoughts as she crosses them out and replaces them with the stereotypical thoughts that she’s supposed to think. With those crossed out sentences we see her as a human being and not just a fictional character that is part of some story inside 338 white papers. Yes she does faint and over dramatize events around her but so do we and that’s on
Adam – I liked him…to a certain extent. To be honest I’m really getting bored of these overly romantic, obsessed guys in these books…their too..two-dimensional I just can’t find myself liking them. They seem to perfect and I don’t like the idea that the author puts in the readers head that there are these types of guys (i mean I’m sure there are) but these guys are just so overly perfect that you can’t possibly see how unrealistic it is. Sometime you just want some more Will Herondale you know? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Kenji – Now he’s somebody with a bit more depth. I find him more realistic to create in my head. Just his language and the actions he takes is a bit more easier to imagine occurring in real life. I feel like he is going to fall in love with her and the he’ll be immune to her touch as well and the only way people will be able to touch her is if they love her ๐Ÿ˜›
Warner – Even this psycho guy has more depth than Adam. He seems to be so mentally unstable that I feel like he really needs to see somebody about that (which is why I’m so excited to read ‘Destroy Me’ because I’ll get to see further in his mind and like depict his thoughts). I can see he has some sort of unhealthy obsession with Juliette but somewhere deep down I think he really believes he loves her.
Castle – I’m not sure what to think of him. He reminds me a bit of President Snow if anybody gets what I mean. I don’t know to what extent we can trust him. He seems like he’ll turn at any second…like there is some sort of ulterior motif behind his thoughts.
When I first started reading the books and read the blurb etc. I just didn’t think the story was going to develop into the way it did. I thought it was going to be a more ‘Divergent‘ style story with the rebellion and the superior authority battling it out. But then there comes this…superhero power twist and I don’t know how to react/feel about it.
I liked the idea of the powers and discovering what sort of powers they all have and yet I sort of didn’t like the whole ‘superhero outfit’ turn and it just made me feel like I was watching ‘Kickass‘ all over again.
Warner and his army seem quite different to any sort of ‘government-like’ power that I’ve read in a book. He is young, and (let’s be honest here) quite foolish and I don’t see how he would end up leading such a powerful army.
I liked the choice of age in this book with Juliette being 17 I found it more realistic compared to other series that I read (*cough* not Percy Jackson of course *cough*).
The only thing I strongly disliked was the lack of development of the other characters and Adam’s background. I wanted to get to know the people with powers and how Adam’s father ended up dead you know?
And what was with that ending? It was the worst ending I’ve read in a while. It was like Mafi gave up and was like ‘oh let’s just end it here‘. I literally thought the rest of the pages in the book was a continuation of the story BUT NO…IT WAS THE NEXT TWO CHAPTERS OF ‘UNRAVEL ME‘ -.- I was not amused.

Characters:ย 8 points
Plot:ย 8 points
Originality:ย 9 points
Language/Style:ย 9 points (I really liked the crossing out idea)

So I gave this book in total 36 points out of 40. I feel it was a really strong first book in a series and I’m scared the second one won’t live up to my expectations (as they never normally do). At least I’ll get to read ‘Destroy Me‘ while I wait for ‘Unravel Me‘ to arrive in the mail and I guess I’ll start another book as well ^^
If you’ve just read this and still haven’t read the book then I strongly suggest reading it anyways. It really is amazing and the cover just looks beautiful!
I always like other people’s opinion so feel free to comment down below ๐Ÿ™‚

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